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9 3D Printing Projects to Bring Life to Easter

As Easter Sunday draws nearer, families across the globe are preparing to celebrate this fun and lively holiday. Your passion for 3D printing can come in very handy when you want to wow your kids and other family members this Easter, but what should you be printing?

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s best 3D printable Easter 3D models and STL files from websites like Thingiverse. All of these files are easy to print and most can be printed on relatively small 3D printers.

3D Printable Easter Eggs

easter 3d printed eggs

When most people think about Easter, eggs will be one of the first things that come to mind. Easter eggs don’t have to be made from chocolate, and we think that you’ll agree that the 3D printable Easter eggs we have chosen will be more than enough to put a smile on your children’s faces.

1) Varied Easter Egg Collection by Antonin_Nosek

3d printable easter egg collection

This collection of patterned eggs is a great place to start when you are looking for Easter Inspiration. These eggs would make great decorations, while also offering a safe and hygienic option for Easter egg hunts, all with the option to print each egg in its own bright and vibrant color. These eggs are very easy to print without support materials, and they can even be printed hollow to make the prints faster.

2) Surprise Egg #1 – Tiny Haul Truck by Agepbiz

3d printable digger egg

Unlike any Easter egg you will have ever seen, this next option comes with a cute little surprise inside it. The example we have linked contains a tiny haul truck, but there are variations of this egg with different types of machinery inside. This makes a cute and quirky joke gift for Easter, but you will need to work hard to get the right 3D printer settings to achieve the same results as the images.


3) Hollow Easter Egg Container by Jooxoe3i

3d printable hollow egg

Perfect to be filled with candy, toys, and other exciting Easter gifts, this hollow Easter egg STL file is an egg hunt organizer’s dream come true. This 3D model is easy to print and great for those who want to avoid sweet treats this Easter. You can print these egg containers as a single piece without the need for any additional materials, though you may need to use supports on the inside.

Easter Egg Basket 3D Prints

easter 3d printed egg baskets

No Easter egg hunt would be complete without a basket for your little ones to store their haul. These prints are easiest with a large print bed, though you can split them into parts if you need to.

4) Simple Easter Egg Basket by Spencer

simple easter basket model

This first Easter egg basket is simple, easy to print, and well-designed, offering a strong and durable container that will be great for any egg hunt. You will need a large print bed to create a basket big enough for multiple eggs, but you can scale this model to meet your needs. You may also need to consider adding supports for the handle during printing.

5) 3D Printed Easter Basket by OpenScadDad

flat 3d print egg basket

Offering a different way to print your basket, this flat-pack option is good for anyone who isn’t confident with printing tall objects. The whole basket prints flat, but this means that you need to use glue or epoxy to secure the basket rings and handle in place once it has finished printing. You can find a handy video on the Thingiverse page to help you to build it.

6) Makersome’s Easter Basket by Makersome

3d printable egg basket

The final Easter egg basket on our list is another easy one to print. With a detachable handle that is able to pivot on hinges, this basket will be able to withstand all the abuse your kids can throw at it. You can print this basket without the need for supports, making it a cost-effective option for those with a lot of children to please.

easter 3d printed cookie cutters

Making cookies has never been easier since the dawn of 3D printing at home, with countless cookie-cutter options available for those who want to up their baking game. All the cookie cutters we have chosen feature designs that are perfect for Easter, though you can also decorate your cookies for extra appeal. You just need to make sure that you choose a safe filament for this process.

easter bunny cookie cutters

It’s impossible to ignore these absolutely adorable bunny cookie cutters. Easy to print and safe to use with the right filaments, these cookie cutters make it incredibly easy to make alternative treats that will bring a smile to your kid’s faces. Filling a basket with these cookies is a great way to get your next Easter party started.

easter egg cookie cutter

More detailed than the last cookie cutter we looked at, this Easter egg cookie cutter is just as fun to use. With a cute pattern that is perfect for capturing icing, you’re sure to love this cookie cutter and the easy print that comes with it. You can print this cookie cutter without supports or any other additions.

chicken bunny 3d print cookie cutters

Finally, as the last Easter 3D print STL we will be looking at, it’s time to look at a cookie cutter pack with loads of potential. Featuring eight unique chicken, bunny, and lamb-themed cutters, this pack gives you the chance to make a wide range of cookies that can be decorated however you like.

Making Easter Magic with 3D Printing

Easter is an important time for many people across the globe, and it makes sense to make the most of the holidays like this when they roll around. Your kids will be excited to see your Easter-inspired creations, making it worth exploring the web to look for different ideas; you never know what you might find.

The ideas in this article should give you a great starting point, providing you with everything you need to get your Easter party off to a great start. That is, except for the chocolate eggs and other tasty treats, of course.

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