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AirWick Air Fresheners Recalled Due to Injury Risk From Leaking Cans

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that Reckitt has issued a recall of some of its AirWick Fresh New Day air fresheners in Fresh Linen and Fresh Waters scents. The air fresheners were sold at stores across the US and the Caribbean between March and September and have a batch code of B22077-NJ2 on the bottom of the can.

The aerosol cans are missing a corrosion inhibitor. Without the inhibitor the cans could corrode and rupture, which could cause someone to cut themselves on the can. The corrosion could also cause the spray inside the cans to leak out, which could irritate people’s skin and eyes.

“Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled air fresheners, wrap the product in several layers of paper, and dispose in accordance with state and local requirements,” the CPSC wrote.

According to the CPSC, there have been five total reports of leaking air freshener cans: two reports of cans leaking, two reports of ruptured cans and one report of a can leaking and rupturing. No injuries have been reported.

Reckitt is offering consumers a voucher for a free replacement air freshener. You need to call its consumer relations hotline at 1-800-228-4722 and submit a photograph of the can showing the batch number.

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