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Best Buy is offering Totaltech members a chance to snag a PS5 on November 7th

According to the PlayStation 5 product page at Best Buy, Totaltech members will be able to purchase a console starting on November 7th at 12PM ET / 9AM PT. It’s rare that a retailer makes information for console restocks publicly available like this, making this a prime opportunity for Totaltech members to score a PS5. It’s unclear whether anyone attempting to purchase a console will have to go through Best Buy’s queue system to purchase one; however, Best Buy’s product page for the PlayStation 5 mentions that it has “updated their reservation process,” whatever that means. Keep in mind that this restock only applies to the standard disc-based PS5, which, as of recently, has only really been widely available as part of various bundles.

Because this restock is only eligible to Totaltech members, we’d recommend logging in to your browser or the Best Buy mobile app ahead of time and checking your credentials. Unfortunately, if you’re not a Totaltech member, the only option is to enroll in an annual membership for $199.99 (there isn’t an option for a free trial). Totaltech members will also receive free shipping, exclusive discounts, and a range of other perks that go beyond what you would receive if you subscribe to My Best Buy, the retailer’s free membership program.

In the meantime, it could be wise to start preparing for your new PS5 with some fun accessories and games. Here are a few we recommend:

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