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Chrome Browser unsafe: Google reports security vulnerability

Is Chrome browser unsafe? There is a serious security hole in the Chrome browser. It is best to close it immediately! Panic in the Google warehouse: The company has reported a serious security flaw in the Chrome browser that cyber-criminals are already using. Another browser is also affected!

Are you surfing the net with Google’s Chrome browser? Then you may be in danger!

Google reported a serious security hole in the application that enables cyber criminals to access your computer.

Particularly explosive: According to Google, attackers are already exploiting the vulnerability.

Chrome users should therefore act quickly and bring the browser up to date.

All Chrome versions for laptops and desktop computers with the Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems are affected.

Google has closed the security gap, the corresponding patch is available for download and has the version number 91.0.4472.114.

You can see in the browser settings whether this is already installed on your computer.

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner, call up the menu item “Settings” and select the sub-item “About Google Chrome”.

Microsoft Edge is also affected

If you find a lower version number there, immediately start the download and installation of the patch that fixes three other vulnerabilities in addition to the gap mentioned.

You don’t use Chrome at all and instead use Microsoft’s Edge browser?

Then don’t feel like you are in a false sense of security!

The application is based on Google’s Chromium, so it uses the same technical substructure as the Chrome browser – and is therefore also affected by the vulnerability.

For its part, Microsoft has already made improvements and has also launched an update with which you can eliminate the weak point.

The version number of the patch in this case is 91.0.864.54. 

The vulnerabilities that have been fixed are named CVE-2021-30557, CVE-2021-30556, CVE-2021-30555, and CVE-2021-30554. Google does not give technical details.

So is your Chrome browser unsafe? Do not panic. Simply update your browser and you’ll be good to go!

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