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You can now start a new course on Udacity for a fraction of the price.

We all want to advance our careers, and oftentimes, that’s easily done with a new class or certification. Learning new skills is beneficial for work, but also for our personal development. Udacity is currently cutting down the price of its courses by a massive 70% ahead of the holidays.

Then, you can truly kick off the year with a new goal in mind—learning something new and taking your career a step further.

Kick Off the Holiday Season


Save 70% on any Udacity course with coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAYS22 when paying upfront.

Starting today and until December 20th, 2022, you have the chance to get any of the Udacity courses with a 70% discount, no matter the length. The only condition is that you pay for the course upfront rather than in multiple installments. Of course, with the 70% discount, paying for the whole thing in one go really shouldn’t be a problem as that’s less than you’d pay for a month’s access.

The site already features some discounts for many courses. For instance, the Nanodegree program for Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure costs $1,197 for three months of access, which is roughly how long it takes folks to complete it. The course has a discount of $180 for paying upfront. Then, when you add the HAPPYHOLIDAYS22 promo code, you end up paying $305.10 instead. Now, if you’d have paid on a month-to-month basis, it would cost you $399.

Obviously, you’re at an advantage to pay for the full program!

Udacity has a wide range of tech courses, helping you kickstart your career in Artificial Intelligence, autonomous systems, cloud computing, cybersec, data science, or programming to name a few.

Some of the courses only take a few months to complete, while others are more extensive. The courses that are more complicated will also require some base knowledge. The Ethical Hacker course, for instance, requires knowledge of basic Linux file structure and commands, networking basics, encryption, hashing, three-way handshake, Python or another programming language, and Windows OS. In the end, you may start getting your hands on some of those bounties for discovering vulnerabilities on top of a well-paying job.

Regardless of which course you end up starting and what path you want to take in tech, Udacity has a comprehensive course ready for you! Don’t forget to use the coupon code at checkout!

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