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Google Begins Testing Political Campaign Emails Skipping Gmail Spam Filters, Report Says

Google is launching a pilot program this week to test political campaign emails bypassing the Gmail spam filters, according to a report Monday by Axios. Last month, Google was given the OK to do this by the US Federal Election Commission, meaning you might be about to see a lot more emails asking for campaign contributions or support.

The program would allow emails from political campaigns registered with the FEC to bypass Google’s filters that usually tag such emails as spam.

For now, the test program is reportedly not final for all Gmail users or all political campaigns.

“We expect to begin the pilot with a small number of campaigns from both parties and will test whether these changes improve the user experience,” a Google spokesperson told Axios in a statement.

The statement added that users will have access to “a more prominent unsubscribe button,” and you can still manually tag these emails as spam if you don’t want to see them. 

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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