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Hilarious Samsung Ad Takes Another Jab at Apple for Not Having a Foldable iPhone

“On the Fence” ad makes fun of the lack of a foldable iPhone, but Samsung says it does expect Apple to launch its first folding device in 2024.

Samsung has released another addition to its occasional series of ads taking potshots at Apple for its lack of hardware innovation. Titled “On the Fence,” the 30-second clip encourages iPhone users to make the switch to Samsung’s foldable range instead of waiting for Apple to catch up.

However, the wait won’t go on forever. Reports suggest that Samsung is expecting Apple to launch a folding device in 2024—although it won’t be a phone. It’s more likely to be a notebook or tablet.

Samsung’s “On the Fence” Ad

The “On the Fence” ad was made by Samsung US and posted on YouTube. It shows an iPhone user literally sitting on a fence, peering over to Samsung’s side where he sees things like “folding phones and epic cameras.” When his fellow iPhone users explain that “we’re waiting for all that to come over here,” he questions why he should wait when the technology already exists.

“That’s what we do,” says one. “We wait.”

“On the Fence” is the latest in a long line of Samsung ads that gently mock Apple for being slow to keep up with hardware trends. The strategy sometimes backfires, like when the company mocked the removal of the charger from the iPhone box, before backtracking after it did the same thing.

But it’s arguably more appropriate now than ever, given how similar the iPhone 14 is to the iPhone 13.

Which is not to say that Apple won’t create a folding device eventually. The Elec reports that in a recent meeting with suppliers, Samsung said it expected Apple to debut its first folding device in 2024. But the company doesn’t think it’ll be a phone, and is more likely to be a tablet or even a notebook.

The tech giant also reported that South Korean iPhone users are switching to Samsung’s foldables at a rate of three to four times higher than before. But it acknowledged that improvements were still needed to make foldables truly mainstream, including making the devices lighter and thinner, and reducing the crease on the screen.

Foldables Are Continuing to Grow

Away from iOS, at least, foldables are continuing to become more common, and more popular. Among the latest devices to get a wide launch is the Moto Razr 2022, which is now available in Europe, and compares well to the likes of the Galaxy Z Flip 4.


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