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How to Copy and Paste on Mac (Including Shortcuts)

If you have just started using a Mac for the first time, or if you’re switching from Windows, you might be wondering how to copy and paste text, media, and files on your new computer. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple!

How to Copy and Paste on Mac Using Keyboard Shortcuts

While it may look different, many of macOS’s functions are similar to Windows 10. Just like Microsoft’s operating system, there are keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text, media, and files on your Mac.

First, select content like text or files and then press the Command+C keyboard shortcut to copy the content.

How to Copy and Paste on Mac

Now, go to the destination where you want to post this content and use the Command+V shortcut to paste them.

If you’re using text and you want to match the destination’s style, use the Command+Shift+V shortcut to paste the content in the same style as the rest of the document.

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How to Copy and Paste on Mac Using Menus and Mouse

If you don’t want to use keyboard shortcuts, or if you don’t have access to a keyboard, you can also copy and paste on your Mac using context menus.

First, use your mouse to select or highlight content. This can be a text paragraph or files and folders in the Finder app. Next, right click on your mouse or trackpad to open the context menu. Here, click on the “Copy” option to copy the content.

You can also go to the toolbar at the top of your Mac’s screen and select the “Copy” option from the “Edit” menu (if available).

Now, go to the place where you want to paste the content and right click on your mouse or trackpad. Here, select the “Paste” option.

You can also go to the “Edit” menu from the toolbar and select the “Paste” option to paste the content.

You’ll see that the content will show up instantly at the destination.

How to Copy and Paste Between iPhone, iPad, and Mac

This is an advanced tip for Apple users who use an iPhone, iPad, and Mac together. If you’re using macOS Sierra and higher on your Mac (and you have updated your iPhone or iPad to the latest version), you can easily copy and paste text and data between all of your Apple devices thanks to the Universal Clipboard feature.

Now, you don’t really need to do anything to set the feature up. If all of your devices support Continuity and have the Handoff feature enabled (and they are enabled by default), Universal Clipboard should work automatically. Just make sure that both devices are near one another and that they are on the same Wi-Fi network (with Bluetooth enabled).

For example, let’s say you’re copying a photo from your iPhone to your Mac. Press and hold on the photo on your iPhone to see the context menu. Here, select the “Copy” option.

Now, move to your Mac and go to the app or the section where you want to paste this photo. Simply press the Command+V keyboard shortcut. You’ll see a small window telling you that the transfer of the photo is in progress.

In a couple of seconds, the photo will be available in the document.

This works for text, media, and files as well.

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