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How to Rename USB Drive: Change the USB Device Name

Renaming a USB stick - this is how you change the name

In this actionable tech guide, we delve into how to rename a USB device/USB drive/USB stick. ūüôā

When you connect your USB stick to the computer, its name is usually displayed. It may be advisable to choose a name with which you can directly identify which data is involved. 

If you want to change the name of the USB stick, you can do this in just a few steps.

How to change the name of your USB stick

Usb Flash Drive, Device - Rename USBIn order¬†to be able to recognize¬†your¬†USB stick¬†better, it is worthwhile to change the designation of the individual devices ‚Äď depending on what is on them.¬†If you have then connected several sticks to your computer, you can avoid mix-ups.¬†Windows 10 already has a suitable function with which you can rename your USB stick.
  1. First connect the USB stick to your computer.
  2. Then open the file explorer on your device. You can do this by using the search function on your desktop.
  3. Switch to your USB stick on the left and click on it with the right mouse button.
  4. Then select the entry ‚ÄúProperties‚ÄĚ in the opened context menu.
  5. A window will now open with all the information about this USB stick.
  6. Switch to the ‚ÄúGeneral‚ÄĚ tab at the top.¬†Here you can now see the name of the device directly.
  7. Enter a new name for the USB stick in the text field. Delete the text that was previously in this field.
  8. As soon as you have made all the changes you want, confirm the settings by clicking the ‚ÄúApply‚ÄĚ button and then click ‚ÄúOK‚ÄĚ.

Rename USB: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I rename my USB ports?

Help > How to rename a USB device or change its image?
  1. Call the device properties dialog: Right click to the device in the stop menu and select ‚ÄúDevice properties‚ÄĚ item.
  2. In the displayed device properties window enter a new name into the ‚ÄúUSB Device Name‚ÄĚ field.
  3. Press ‚ÄúOk‚ÄĚ button.

2. How do I rename my USB on Android?

  1. Find Control Panel > Storage & Snapshots > Storage > External Storage.
  2. Select the USB disk you would like to rename.
  3. Select Storage Information from the Actions drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  4. 4.In the next window, double click the current name and type in the new one.

3. Why can’t I rename my pendrive?

If you open Computer Management, go to Storage -> Disk Management, right-click (or press-and-hold) the drive that you want to rename, and choose Properties. No matter how you got to the Properties window of the drive that you want to rename, type the new name in the General tab and press OK or Apply.

4. How do I change my USB description?

To change the description of a device, select it and press F2 or right-click it and choose Change device description: To save the changes, press either the Enter key or click anywhere outside the text box. The Esc key cancels any changes you’ve applied.

5. How do I rename an SD card?

Digital Storage Media, Storage, Renaming UsbYou should be able to¬†rename¬†the¬†card¬†after formatting by plugging it in to your computer. On PC you just right click and select ‚Äėrename‚Äė; not sure of the Mac process. There‚Äôs no way to permanently name a card¬†digitally as you‚Äôve discovered, as formatting the¬†card¬†will also erase the¬†cards¬†name.

6. How do I enable USB storage?

Use USB storage devices
  1. Connect a USB storage device to your Android device.
  2. On your Android device, open Files by Google .
  3. At the bottom, tap Browse. . You should find a notification that says ‚ÄúUSB available.‚ÄĚ
  4. Tap the storage device you want to open. Allow.
  5. To find files, scroll to ‚ÄúStorage¬†devices‚ÄĚ and tap your¬†USB storage¬†device.

7. How do you rename a flash drive on an IPAD?

To rename a USB Flash Drive on IPAD, open Disk¬†Utility and click right click on your¬†drive. Then you will see an option named ‚Äėrename‚Äė.

8. Is it safe to rename C drive?

Yes, it is totally ok to rename your c drive it does not cause any errors in your system, but you don’t have to rename any data in c drive but you can rename your c drive. Yes, but always backup your files before renaming your local disk. NOTE: You might lose newly added data to your local disk.

9. How do I rename a flash drive in Windows 7?

Change a USB Flash Drive Name in Windows 7

Step 1: Click the Windows Explorer icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Step 2: Locate the flash drive in the column at the left side of the window. Step 3: Right-click the USB flash drive, then click the Rename option.

10. How do I update my USB drivers?

Select Device Manager in the left pane of the Computer Management window. Locate and expand Android Phone in the right pane. Right-click on Android Composite ADB Interface and select Update Driver. This will launch the Hardware Update Wizard.

What other tips and tricks can you share on how to rename USB media? Share with us below.

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