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How to Use Spotify to Cook Perfect Pasta Every Time

Did you know you can use music to help you cook your pasta? It’s all thanks to Barilla’s playlists on Spotify.

Pasta is quite the universal food. Nowadays, many boxes have pre-written instructions on how long you should boil until it’s cooked just right. But what happens if you throw away the box? Or rip it the wrong way and can’t see the time anymore?

Well, one pasta brand decided to create a Spotify playlist to help people cook their pasta for precisely the right time.

How to Cook Your Pasta With Spotify

We all know that Spotify is great for working out and even practicing mindfulness with meditation content, but did you know that Spotify can also help you cook?

Barilla is among the most well-known brands for pasta on supermarket shelves. And the company has decided to make life easier for its pasta-eating customers by curating several Spotify playlists for when they’re cooking the starchy goodness.

If you find its public playlists on how best to cook your pasta, you’ll see that each type of pasta has a corresponding playlist that plays several songs lasting the exact duration of your cooking time.

Don’t expect a playlist for every type of pasta, though. There are over 600 acknowledged pasta shapes, and Barilla has eight playlists at the time of writing. They cover the most popular shapes—spaghetti, fusilli, penne, and so on.

So, odds are, you can still turn to the Barilla Italia profile on Spotify next time you’re cooking pasta instead of resorting to throwing noodles at the wall. Remember, Spotify doesn’t have to greet you with the same old music every time. You can use the service to discover new music and all kinds of playlists you’ll love.

If a Spotify Playlist Can Help You, Use It

No one likes overcooked, mushy, or undercooked pasta. So next time, listen to some music instead of playing the guessing game with your pasta.

A Spotify playlist is a fun and casual way of keeping track of your pasta without having to stay in your kitchen. So have some fun, crank the music up, and cook your pasta with Spotify.


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