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International Space Station shines in glamour shots from SpaceX Crew Dragon


2 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

ISS with Earth below

During the Crew-2 return journey to Earth in early November, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft took a trip around the ISS. That gave ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet an opportunity to photograph the station from a variety of angles.


3 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

ISS against the dark

The ISS stands out against the darkness of space in this image from November 2021.


4 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

ISS modules

The International Space Station is made up a of series of modules that are used for science experiments, spacecraft docking, and areas for the crew. 


5 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

ISS solar panels

This close-up of the ISS from early November 2021 gives a good view of some of the station’s solar panels. The sets of darker-brown panels are roll-out solar arrays that were added to boost the station’s power.


6 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

ISS seen from Crew Dragon

This view of the ISS shows a peeled-back section of the station’s radiator system. It’s an old bit of damage that doesn’t affect the station’s operations. 


7 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

Keeping cool in space

The International Space Station’s radiators are on show in a photo snapped from a SpaceX Crew Dragon during the return of the Crew-2 mission to Earth.


8 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

Seeing the ISS afresh

The ISS is a truly international project, featuring components from the US, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe. 


9 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

Ohh, shiny

The International Space Station sparkles in a glorious photo taken by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet on his way home to Earth in November 2021 as part of the SpaceX Crew-2 mission. 


10 of 10 NASA/ESA/Thomas Pesquet

Clouds below the ISS

Fluffy white clouds provide an elegant backdrop for a new image of the International Space Station, taken in early November 2021.

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