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iPhone Owners Can Tap To Pay with PayPal and Venmo Soon

iPhone owners are about to have an even easier time paying with PayPal and Venmo, both in the real world and online, using their phones and Apple payment platforms.

iPhones will soon allow the PayPal and Venmo apps to Tap To Pay at participating US merchants, as announced in PayPal’s third-quarter earnings report Thursday.

Tap To Pay launched earlier this year as a way to make contactless payments using iPhones over NFC. It’s only been usable at Apple Stores and using Square’s merchant app, so adding popular alternative payment options makes it easier on consumers and shop owners, who don’t need to buy additional hardware for the feature to work.

If you’re shopping online using PayPal’s checkout flow, you’ll also soon be able to select Apple Pay in addition to existing payment options. And next year, US customers will be able to add PayPal and Venmo network-branded credit and debit cards to Apple Wallet and use them anywhere Apple Pay is accepted. 

These new features are coming only to US merchants and US iPhone users, and it’s unclear if it’ll expand to other regions. PayPal did not respond to a request for comment by time of publication.

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