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Keep Your iPhone Protected With Up to 65% Off Cases and Screen Protectors

After dropping $800 (or even more) on a flashy new iPhone, you certainly don’t want it getting scratched and beat up. Which means you’ll want some proper protection while you’re out in the world. Even just a simple case and screen protector can make a big difference, and right now you can snag one for less. Today only, Amazon offering up to 65% off Mkeke cases for the iPhone 14 series, as well as some cases and accessories for older models as well. These deals are only available until 11:55 p.m. PT (2:55 a.m. ET) tonight, so get your order in before then. 

Mkeke’s clear cases are made of a sturdy blend of TPU and acrylic to protect your device, as well as prevent yellowing over time. They have a 3.5mm raised edge to protect the screen and camera, and bumpers on the corners for extra protection against drops. Prices jump around a bit depending on which iPhone 14 model you have, but you can grab a case for the base model iPhone 14 for just $12, saving you $18. Prices range up to $14 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max case, and you can grab select iPhone 11 cases for $11, iPhone 12 cases for $10 and iPhone 13 cases for $11 (though some iPhone 14 cases will work with the 13 as well).

We’d also recommend grabbing a pack of screen protectors while they’re on sale, as they could end up saving you hundreds in repairs down the line. The screen protectors in this three-pack are compatible with the iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and right now you can pick it up for just $8, $7 off the usual price. There’s also a three-pack of iPhone 11/iPhone XR screen protectors on sale for $7. And no matter what iPhone model you’ve got, you can enjoy fast charging with this 20-watt USB-C charger block on sale for just $8, $3 off the usual price. 

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