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Latest Tech: Chrome beta makes it easy to jump between search results

Google is announcing some new experiments available in the latest Chrome beta intended to make it easier to find things on the web and share interesting text. If you want to jump onto the Chrome beta to give these features a shot, download it here for your computer or here for your Android device. (Though as with all betas, exercise caution, as things may not work perfectly.) And I’m going to mention enabling flags throughout — to do so, enter chrome://flags into your address bar, which is where you can turn on Chrome’s many available experiments.

One cool new experiment in Chrome on Android lets you see some search results under the address bar after you’ve already navigated to a page. This one is best understood by watching this GIF:

Although you can’t see full URLs in this additional bar, it seems like it could be a useful way to jump to another site without having having to go back to the full search results. You can try this experiment by turning on the #continuous-search flag.

Another feature in testing lets you make a stylized image of text on websites, which could be useful to spruce up text you want to share with your friends or on social media. (The feature also seems ripe for some ridiculous memes.) This one is available on Android phones and tablets if you flip on the #webnotes-stylize. You can get an idea of how it works in the GIF below:

Another new feature adds cards to the New Tab page that makes it easier to jump back to sites you visited previously. In a blog post, Google gives examples of cards for recipe pages, a shopping cart, or documents on Google Drive. If you want to try this out, enable the #ntp-modules flag on a computer.

Here’s what a card pointing you to previously visited Google Workspace documents looks like.
Image: Google

Because these are experiments, there’s always the chance that they don’t have all of the bugs ironed out just yet, and Google may decide not to move them past the experiment phase. But they could be previews of features to come, and if you want to try them early, check them out in the Chrome beta.

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