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Latest Tech: Light tubes, filament candles and floor lamps: Everything Philips Hue just announced


Dance to your favorite songs on Spotify with synced lighting from Philips Hue — that’s the idea, at least.


Philips Hue on Wednesday introduced over a dozen new lighting products — and a partnership with Spotify to sync your Philips Hue lights with the beat, as well as the “mood, genre, tempo and more,” according to the official press release.

The lighting giant was among the first lighting companies to introduce a robust lineup of smart LEDs, helping to signal the industry shift away from incandescent bulbs. Since then Lifx, Wyze, Cree and others have entered the space with their own take on smart lighting, but Philips Hue continues to lead when it comes to the variety of smart and non-smart bulbs and other LED products it sells. 

Lots of new lights

The new lights include an ambience gradient lightstrip, a Signe gradient table lamp, a Signe gradient floor lamp, a Play gradient light tube, a White filament candle, an Infuse ceiling light, White ambience filament bulbs (five different styles) and White, White ambiance and White and color ambiance bulbs in 1100 and 1600 lumens.

Three of the five White ambience filament bulb styles and the 1100-lumen White, White ambiance and White and color ambiance bulbs are available now and range in price from $15 to $50. The White filament candle is also available now, starting at $30 for a one-pack and $50 for a two-pack. The remaining two White ambience filament bulbs should be available in late October.

The ambience gradient lightstrip costs $170 for the base and an additional $70 for an optional extension kit; it will be available October 1. Philips Hue’s Signe lamps will hit US stores on October 12 and cost $200 for the table lamp and $300 for the floor lamp. The 1600-lumen White, White ambiance and White and color ambiance bulbs will also be available October 12 and range in price from $20 to $60.

The light tube (starting at $180) and ceiling light ($30) won’t be sold until January. 

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Spotify partnership

This isn’t the first integration between lights and music we’ve seen. Nanoleaf has a music sync function, and Philips Hue already has music and movie-syncing capabilities, but the company claims the Spotify integration is different. 

Instead of “just” syncing the music to the beat, Philips Hue says its app “extracts the metadata from each song played through Spotify no matter the device.” It then uses that information to design “an advanced light script that enables your lights to react not only to the beat of the song, but to the genre and mood, too.” Users will also have the option to customize the brightness, colors and more, according to Philips Hue.

This integration kicks off Wednesday for folks already using Philips Hue app 4 and will be available to everyone later this year. Get more info on the new lights and Spotify partnership.

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