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Latest Tech: Microsoft reportedly blocks older PCs from Windows 11 preview


Windows 11 is scheduled to be released on Oct. 5

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Some Microsoft users participating in the company’s program to test Windows 11 are going to have to wait until October to spend more time with the new operating system. On Wednesday, Microsoft booted older PCs with unsupported hardware from the Windows Insider preview of Windows 11, reported PCWorld

Microsoft reportedly blocked users with older computers due to hardware and security requirements. The Windows Insider program participants received a message in their computer settings that their PC does not meet hardware requirements, according to PCWorld. They were reportedly given the option to install Windows 10 to stay in the Insider program. 

The announcement comes after Microsoft’s blog post last week detailing Windows 11 requirements and the re-release of the PC Health Check app. If you have an older Insider PC, you will still be able to download Windows 11 when it’s released to the general public. However, you won’t be entitled to security and software updates. According to Microsoft’s announcement, older PCs are 52% more likely to crash, but newer computers reportedly have a 99.8% “crash-free experience.” 

But if your computer meets the requirements and you’re still getting the message that your computer doesn’t meet Windows 11 requirements, it could be for two other reasons. Microsoft shared that TPM 2.0, a security and encryption processor, may not be enabled or supported on your computer. The other problem could be that your computer’s processor is not supported. If neither works, your computer may not be compatible after all. 

Windows 11 is scheduled to be released on Oct. 5. Microsoft will support Windows 10 until Oct. 14, 2025. 

Microsoft didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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