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Latest Tech: Subaru Solterra teases its Toyota-inspired shape in new images

Subaru Solterra teaser

The Solterra is coming.


Subaru continued the long tease of its new Solterra electric SUV on Tuesday with a couple new images of the vehicle. They confirm this will most definitely be a slightly tweaked Toyota BZ4X. The quick look at the rear end looks basically identical to the Toyota, perhaps with some tweaked LED lighting in the taillights. Overall, though, it’s clear this was a very tight joint project between the two automakers.

A second teaser image Subaru uploaded to Twitter shows more of the Solterra’s front end, and again, it looks a lot like the BZ4X. The crisp, edgy headlight looks familiar, that’s for sure, as does the big grille piece in the fascia. Really, the Solterra’s final design shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

That said, there is one noticeable difference on display. There’s a prominent all-wheel drive badge showing in the teaser image, which the BZ4X didn’t show off. As is Subaru’s thing (outside the BRZ), the Solterra should be an AWD-only SUV.

The company promised more information as it approaches a mid-2022 on-sale date, and until then, we can only take educated guesses about the electric powertrain underneath it all. Toyota hasn’t spilled the beans regarding specs and the BZ4X, either. Be patient, folks, as we approach Subaru’s first EV.

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