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Latest Tech: What If…? episode 4 recap: Doctor Strange takes a dark Marvel turn

Doctor Strange in Marvel's What If... ?

Doctor Strange goes on a wild emotional journey in the fourth episode of Marvel’s What If… ?

Marvel Studios

Following last week’s Avengers murder mystery, the fourth episode of Marvel Cinematic Universe animated series What If…?  hit Disney Plus Wednesday. This instalment of the reality hopping show brought us into a timeline where a grieving Doctor Stephen Strange used his magical powers in a selfish quest. 

The omniscient Watcher (Jeffrey Wright) reveals the answer to the question: What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?

Sorcerer Supreme SPOILERS incoming.


Marvel Studios

A different wound

This episode diverges from the mainline MCU early in Strange’s 2016 solo movie. Instead of travelling to his speaking conference alone and having his hands horribly injured in the car crash, fellow surgeon and lover Christine Palmer is with him. She’s killed in the crash, which pushes Strange to learn the mystic arts.

During Strange’s quest to resurrect Christine, he amasses incredible mystic power and manages to bring her back. Their reunion is brief though; Strange’s machinations destroy his reality — apparently leaving him the only survivor. 

If he was bitter about Christine’s death, he’ll no doubt be furious about losing everyone and everything he ever knew.

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