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Microsoft New Windows? Microsoft leaks names and more

Windows event: Microsoft leaks names and more

Microsoft New Windows – On June 24th, 2021 Microsoft wants to introduce the “next generation of Windows”. Now the company may have revealed the new name and other details.

After Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella end of May, “one of the most important updates for Windows in the last decade,” announced , the company wants the next official “Windows generation” on 24 June 2021 reveal and then presented alongside new features probably a new name for the Operating system.

While the speculation is currently mainly about Windows 11 or simply “Windows”, Microsoft is now bringing the name “Windows Sun Valley” into play with a leak – and provides a surprise.

For over a year, Microsoft has only been delivering small function updates for Windows 10, the innovations of which are hardly worth mentioning.

That this can be achieved with the 21H2 Update will change in autumn 2021, has been known to insiders for months. Aside from many new features, the next Windows should have a uniform surface design called Sun Valley, which differs from the previously familiar appearance with rounded corners and floating info bars.

As a possibly accidentally published support article shows, “Sun Valley” not only marks the main innovation, but also the name of the next Windows.

The article contains the description “Learn about managing applications in Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley” – this even allows the conclusion that there will be another version called “Windows Sun Valley” in addition to Windows 10 in the future.

Microsoft has since deleted the article in question, but he is still on GitHub retrievable.


Are there two versions of Windows coming?

The rumor that Microsoft is working on two versions of Windows is not new.

The software giant originally planned to bring out the entry-level Windows 10X these days , but surprisingly canceled the whole thing and announced that it would transfer functions from Windows 10X to regular Windows instead.

Microsoft has not yet revealed whether this means Windows 10 or another version of the operating system – the community will probably only find out on June 24th. However, the leak suggests that Sun Valley will be a variant of “Windows 10” – and not its end.

The recently leaked name of a test version of the next but one 22H1 update also fits in with this , which still bears the version number 10 and the code name “OneCore”.

It is possible that the group is currently implementing its plans for a modular “CoreOS” window.

This means that he could deliver new features and designs such as “Sun Valley” as usual as function updates to private users, while in the sensitive corporate area, however, the tried-and-tested “core Windows 10” could remain.

It also fits that Microsoft did not deliver any new functions with the latest 21H2 updates, but only tested the update mechanism.

What comes after 10?

Observers have been expecting the name Windows 10 to disappear at some point for some time.

The operating system has had the same name since its introduction in 2015, although the current 21H1 update is already the twelfth Windows 10 version.

However, if the version number as the name of the core system takes a back seat to design and feature updates such as “Sun Valley”, the code name gains in importance.

Similar to the rival Apple, which has the major versions of its desktop operating system macOS has been named after popular stretches of land on the US Pacific coast for years, the “version number” is likely to take a back seat at Microsoft too.

So far, the working titles of Windows function updates such as “Iron” for version 21H1 have been under the radar: The name “Sun Valley” sounds more like “Monterey” or “Big Sur”.


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