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New Google Assistant Features Bring Kid-Friendly Updates

Google has announced three new features for its assistant, all focused on children. Google Assistant is adding parental controls, kid-friendly voices and a kids dictionary.

Parental controls will be made available in the coming weeks through Google Home, Family Link and Google Assistant apps on Android and iOS. You’ll be able to limit which music and video providers your children can access, block news or podcasts, schedule downtime, restrict phone calls, and even “choose what kind of answers they get from Assistant,” according to a Google blog post.

You can also specify controls for each child by setting up individual voice match, and face match if you’ve got a Nest Hub Max.

There are also four new kid-friendly voices launching on Google Assistant with “a diverse range of accents.” They speak more slowly and expressively than the usual assistant voices. 

Lastly, Kids Dictionary will give simple and age-appropriate answers when children ask Google Assistant to define words. It’ll tap into the voice-matching capability mentioned previously, pulling the simplified definitions when it recognizes a child is asking it. 

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