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Raspberry Pi Operating Systems: 5 Programs at a Glance

Top 5 Raspberry Pi Operating Systems

The Raspberry Pi gives you the choice in every respectThis also applies to the operating system: The Raspberry Pi works in all generations with freely accessible, non-commercial software that is mostly based on Linux – albeit not exclusively. We introduce you to five well-known Raspberry Pi operating systems.

We introduce you to five popular operating systems for Raspberry Pi.
The large selection of operating systems does not make it easy for Raspberry beginners. However, the following five representatives stand out from the crowd.

Raspberry Pi: Operating systems for beginners and advanced users, from Linux to Windows

1. Raspbian :

Raspbian is the standard operating system for the Raspberry Pi.

The name is composed of Raspberry and Debian , the widely used Linux distribution. You can download Raspbian from the official site .

Since Debian is considered to be particularly beginner-friendly and Raspbian has been specially optimized for Raspberry use, we recommend Raspberry newbies to take the first steps with Raspbian.

2. Arch Linux :

The advantage of Arch Linux is its slim design.

Arch Linux has also been optimized for the Raspberry Pi, but requires more know-how than Raspbian.

3. Pidora :

Pidora is also a Linux name game.

As a Raspberry version of Fedora , it should be aimed at users of all skill levels, but in practice it is more suitable for advanced users. 

When it comes to hardware, Pidora is not entirely undemanding: We only recommend using it on Raspberry Pis with sufficient RAM, i.e. at least 512 MB RAM, which has been available since model B.

4. Ubuntu Mate :

The Raspberry variant of the well-known Ubuntu system convinced in numerous practical tests and is suitable for the Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B and more.

5. Windows 10 IoT Core :

Windows 10 IoT Core is considered the first really acceptable Windows version for the Raspberry Pi.

With the Raspberry Pi 3 in particular, it is worth taking a look at Windows IoT Core, as the device is compatible with the operating system from the factory.

This selection shows that the ideal operating system for your Raspberry Pi depends on both your know-how and the device.

After all: there is at least one good solution for every user – so nothing stands in the way of your entry into the Raspberry world.

What are your favorite Raspberry Pi Operating Systems. Share with us below.

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