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How to Reset Raspberry Pi password

Raspberry Pi Forgot Password: How to Recover It?

Have you forgotten your Raspberry Pi Password? No worries. In this guide, learn how to reset Raspberry Pi password easily.

What is Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in association with Broadcom. The Raspberry Pi project originally leaned towards the promotion of teaching basic computer science in schools and in developing countries.

The Raspberry Pi has already set a host name and password by default. Of course, you can change this without any problems. Not infrequently, however, users like to forget the new password and then no longer have access to their Raspberry Pi. However, you can simply reset the password.

Raspberry Pi, Pi, Electronics, Computer - Reset Raspberry Pi passwordSince you have in all likelihood installed Raspbian using an image from your SD card, these are the best prerequisites for resetting your password . There is a critical file on your SD card that will solve your problem.




Reset Raspberry Pi password

  1. First remove the SD card from your Raspberry Pi and then insert it into a card reader. On the connected computer you should now find a folder named “boot” on the data carrier.
  2. Open the “cmdline.txt” file. You must not use the standard editor for this, but must have installed a more extensive text editor.
  3. At the end of the first line add the following part: “init = / bin / sh”. Make sure that this passage is not on a line of its own.
  4. Now insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi again and start it.
  5. Enter the commands “mount – o remount, rw /” and then “passwd pi”.
  6. Now you can set a new password.
  7. Complete the process with the commands “sync” and “exec / sbin / init”.

FAQs on Raspberry Pi

1. What is the Raspberry Pi used for?

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python.

2. How does the Raspberry Pi work?

How Does the Raspberry Pi Work? Here’s how it works: An SD card inserted into the slot on the board acts as the hard drive for the Raspberry Pi. It is powered by USB and the video output can be hooked up to a traditional RCA TV set, a more modern monitor, or even a TV using the HDMI port.

3. What is the first thing to do with a Raspberry Pi?

Ethernet cable and Internet for software updates and installation.
Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry, Pi - Reset Raspberry Pi password
  1. Install the Raspbian Operating System
  2. Setup Language and Keyboard
  3. Setup Timezone
  4. Start the Graphical Desktop
  5. Change Screen Viewing Area
  6. Update the System Software
  7. Login Automatically
  8. Play a Video

4. What’s more powerful than a Raspberry Pi?

The UDOO x86 II ULTRA is something special. It is a powerful x86 maker board and an Arduino 101-compatible platform, combined onto the same board. This combination results in a board that’s ten times more powerful than a Raspberry Pi 3.

5. What cool things can you do with a Raspberry Pi?

Some Awesome Uses for a Raspberry Pi
  • Replace Your Desktop PC With a Raspberry Pi
  • Print With Your Raspberry Pi
  • Add AirPrint Support to Your Pi Print Server
  • Cut the Cord With Kodi: A Raspberry Pi Media Center
  • Set Up a Retro Gaming Machine
  • Build a Minecraft Game Server.
  • Control a Robot.
  • Build a Stop Motion Camera

6. Can Raspberry pi run Windows?

Can the Raspberry Pi 4 Run Windows 10 Desktop Apps? The Pi 4 can run Windows desktop apps, although it requires an awful lot of effort to do so, and even then apps will only run poorly. It used to be possible to do so using the ExaGear Desktop software, although this is no longer on sale.

7. Why is it called a Raspberry Pi?

Device, The Raspberry Pi, Pc, Technology - Reset Raspberry Pi password

The name Raspberry Pi is derived from the fruit pie, raspberry pie. This is because many companies in the computer neighborhood where Raspberry Pi was based used fruit names such as Apple and apricot as names for their companies and products.


Have you ever reset Raspberry Pi Password before? Share with us your tips and tricks below.

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