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Rivian R1T truck and R1S SUV get their EPA range estimates, and they’re not bad

These two electric beauties just got their official EPA range estimates.


We’ve been waiting for Rivian’s first production vehicles to come out for a few years now, but as with any new company, there have been delays and hurdles to overcome. One of those was EPA testing, but the 2022 R1S and R1T are now live on the EPA’s website as of Friday.

So, how did the Rivians do? Not bad, actually. The R1T, equipped with Rivian’s “Large Pack,” does an EPA-estimated 314 miles per charge and nets a combined mpge figure of 70. The R1S SUV does a little better on range with 316 miles, which we suspect comes down to aerodynamics, but it does slightly worse in mpge with 69.

How does that compare with other vehicles? Given the dearth of electric trucks for sale right now, and ditto large electric SUVs, it’s kind of hard to say. The much lower-to-the-ground and generally sleeker Tesla Model X Long Range blows the Rivians out of the water with 105 mpge, but that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison since the Model X has little to no off-road capability, just ridiculous doors.

We’ll be curious to see how Rivian’s Max Pack option does when it becomes available. Rivian estimates that it will offer north of 400 miles of range on a single charge.

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