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Save Up to $300 on Selected Samsung Frame TVs

Looking for a TV that blends into your decor like a work of art? Then check out the Samsung Frame for size.

samsung the frame tv deals

Samsung Frame smart TVs are ideal if you want an unobtrusive display that blends seamlessly with your home decor. Fortunately, the tech giant is offering up to a huge $300 off selected Frame smart TVs.

Here’s what today’s Samsung deal is all about.

Samsung Reduces Prices on Frame TVs

Today marks day two of Samsung’s week of daily deals, and with it comes a fantastic reduction on the price of its Frame smart TVs.

So, what are we looking at in terms of discounts, here? Details and links are below.

With savings between $70 and $300, you’re getting a pretty awesome deal whichever TV you decide to buy.

What Is So Good About Samsung The Frame TVs?


Samsung Frame smart TVs represent somewhat of a revolution in TV design. Samsung makes these TVs with the extended aesthetics of your living space in mind. As such, The Frame is an unassuming device, which doesn’t impose itself on a room, more becoming a part of it. You can even use it to display digital works of art while it isn’t in use as a TV.

While the form factor of the device is very much one of its primary talking points, The Frame has a lot to say for itself in terms of performance, too. As you can see from the models available, the TV caters for a range of needs, from a smaller TV befitting of a smaller room, to a 75-inch beast that will become a focal point in larger living rooms.

The display itself is a 4K QLED, which guarantees you one of the best pictures around, backed up by Samsung’s stamp of quality. You’re getting a cinema-level display, essentially, with 100% color volume thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology. So say goodbye to washed-out hues with The Frame as your primary entertainment display.

As it is a Samsung device, it should also be conversant with your Samsung smartphone, offering even more flexibility and convenience.

What Do You Think of Samsung’s The Frame?

Pretty impressive, right? Don’t forget, if you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, you’ll need to be quick, as it is only available for one day.

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