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Save Up to $859 on Growatt INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station

Growatt’s Infinity 1500 portable power station is $200 less than normal, but we have an extra 15% off coupon code for you!

Black Friday is bringing a massive deal for one of our favorite power station brands! Growatt recently launched the INFINITY 1500 model and it’s already available with a massive discount for this special occasion, saving you up to $859!

Whether you want to have a backup for when the power goes down or you want to have a portable power station to take with you on vacation, at the beach, or even to power up things in your yard when you’re throwing a party, Growatt has you covered.

Growatt’s INFINITY 1500 is more than capable of taking care of most of your necessities and it’s super easy to charge it up and use it when needed.

Growatt Infinity 1500
Growatt INFINITY 1500

$1244.15 $1699 Save $454.85

Growatt is cutting the price of the INFINITY 1500 portable power station. Save an extra $50 with the GrowattBF coupon code.



Maximum Discharge

4 x AC 2000W max, 13.6V car port, 2 x USB-C PD 60W, 2 x USB Fast Cahrge 3.0 18W, 2 x USB 15W

AC outputs
4 sockets, 2000W max / 4000W surge

USB outputs
2x USB-A 12W, 2x USB-A, 2x USB-C 60W,

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 hasn’t been around for very long, so this is the first major discount we’ve seen for this particular portable power station. We actually just recently ran a review of the INFINITY 1500, if you want to get more information about our experience with this cool-looking tool.

This portable power station comes with a capacity of 1512Wh and a 2000W output while measuring a mere 16.5 x 9.1 x 11.3 inches and weighing just over 36lbs. It may not be the easiest power station to carry around, but it can certainly keep a bunch of your appliances going.

The INFINITY 500 features 12 outlets for all of your devices, making it great at keeping your smartphones and your laptop going when you’re out at the beach, for instance.

If you’re in a hurry, you don’t have to worry about the INFINITY 1500, because it can charge up pretty fast. If you plug it in when you wake up, it should be good to go by the time you’re dressed and all your luggage is collected and up in the car. Plugging it in an AC input will have the whole power station at 100% in just two hours. When you’re away from home, however, just spread out some solar panels, and you’ll get a full charge in just 2.5 hours, which is super impressive.

The Growatt INFINITY 1500 already has a $200 discount for Black Friday, but using the GRTBFCM15 discount code between November 24th and November 29th will get you an extra 15% off, so why not use it? Go on and get yourself a great power station!

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