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Subaru tells some Impreza owners: Don’t drive the car amid new recall

Best to check if your car’s involved and be safe.


2021 Subaru Impreza owners will need to check their cars to make sure they’re as safe as can be amid a new recall the brand announced Wednesday. According to the automaker, 802 Impreza vehicles are part of a recall for an improper weld near a connection joint for the left front lower control arm and the crossmember.

If the weld point fails, the lower control arm could partially separate from the crossmember and lead to the tire coming in contact with the wheel well. Subaru said this would result in “a loss of control” and increase the risk of a crash. The brand is not aware of any crashes or injuries related to the problem.

The brand plans to provide dealers with specific LOT numbers to check each of the 802 potentially affected cars, which is stamped on the left front lower control arm. An authorized Subaru retailer will need to check the part for these numbers, and if it’s included in the recall, a technician will replace the part at no cost.

Subaru called on owners to not drive their 2021 Impreza until this inspection can take place with a specific instruction to park the cars until then. While owners await mailed instructions, any owner can first check to see if their car is part of the group by visiting and selecting Vehicle Recalls.

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