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Tesla delivers first refreshed Model X SUVs

Tesla Model X refresh deliveries

Some of the first owners of the refreshed Model X.


After some downtime, Tesla is back to building the Model X, and the first deliveries of the refreshed electric SUV took place on Sunday. The brand’s official Twitter account posted photos of some of the first happy customers with their new SUVs. 

Tesla took quite a few months to retool production lines for both the new Model S and Model X, with the latter being the least prioritized. However, it does receive noticeable updates, especially inside. There, a new 17-inch central touchscreen houses all the infotainment goods, and the yoke-style wheel sits in place of a traditional steering wheel. Outside, it’s a tough game to spot the differences, but the front fascia is smoother, and the rear diffuser boasts a new design. New wheel options round out the changes for buyers.

The Model X remains an expensive purchase, starting at $101,190 after a $1,200 destination charge. That’s for the Long Range. Bumping up to the Model X Plaid pushes the starting price to $121,190. Since the deliveries just started, we’ll have to wait for Tesla’s fourth quarter numbers to see how many of these SUVs it’s able to build before we wrap up 2021.

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