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Texas abortion law prompts Match Group CEO to create fund for employees in state


CEO Shar Dubey is starting a fund to help Texas-based employees affected by the abortion legislation.

Match Group

Match Group CEO Shar Dubey is speaking out against Senate Bill 8, the Texas law that bans abortions after about six weeks of pregnancy. 

In a memo to employees Wednesday night, Dubey said that though the Texas-based company normally stays out of politics, as a woman and a mother, she felt the need to say something. 

“I immigrated to America from India over 25 years ago and I have to say, as a Texas resident, I am shocked that I now live in a state where women’s reproductive laws are more regressive than most of the world, including India,” Dubey said, “Surely everyone should see the danger of this highly punitive and unfair law that doesn’t even make an exception for victims of rape or incest.”

In addition, Dubey is personally starting a support fund for Texas-based employees needing to seek care outside the state. 

Match Group owns a stable of popular dating apps, including Match, OkCupid, Tinder and others. 

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