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The 10 Best Places to Find Your Next iPhone Wallpaper

You look at your iPhone wallpaper dozens of times per day. This can serve as a good reminder as you go about life. It can be something to remind you of the beauty in the world (or in your life). Or it could be something motivational, breathtaking, or just plain funny.

Your wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to visually customize your iPhone. That’s why we’ve collected the best iPhone apps below that will help you find your next wallpaper, whether you’re looking for something meaningful or quirky.

1. Vellum

Vellum presents handpicked collections of beautiful wallpapers from artists and designers all over the world. In the sea of wallpapers available online, Vellum serves as a filter. The app sorts through the chaff and presents you with the best backgrounds, curated and grouped in lists.

There’s the starter pack of the original collection, a collection just for OLED iPhones, a set of geometric shapes, a group of images from the European Space Agency, and so on. Vellum lets you preview a wallpaper and save it to Photos app with just a tap.

Download: Vellum (Free, premium version available)

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is a popular free stock image site where many awesome iPhone wallpapers come from. But you might not want to go through the thousands of photos on the site to fish out ones suitable for the iPhone screen. This is where the Unsplash app comes in, which makes it much easier.

Open the app and you’ll be presented with collections, featured photos, and featured creators. Browse around and when you like a wallpaper, just tap on the Save button. The large image sizes mean that a lot of these photographs can be used as your Mac’s wallpaper too. If you prefer wallpapers that change or move, you can check out these dynamic wallpaper sites for Mac.


Download: Unsplash (Free)

3. Patternator

Patternator is a fun wallpaper creation app that brings the iMessage sticker trend to your Lock Screen. You can create awesome patterns out of stickers. Choose multiple stickers from the app’s collection, or create a sticker out of your own photos.

Patternator’s pattern creation tool is incredibly intuitive to use (it’s similar to Instagram’s photo editing interface). You can pick multiple stickers and patterns, define the spacing, pick the background color, and more.

Once done, you can either export the wallpaper as an image, video, or GIF. The image option is the best for most users. But you can go one step further and export it as a Live Photo as well. This way, when you tap and hold on your iPhone’s Lock Screen, the pattern will animate.

However, this exporting to Live Photo requires a premium subscription that costs $2/month (although there is a seven-day trial available).

Download: Patternator (Free, subscription available)

4. Clarity

Clarity is an exquisitely designed wallpaper app. If you’re a designer, or you just appreciate good design, you’ll love using this one. The app’s dark background and minimal styling really bring out the beauty of the images.

Clarity’s Featured collection is one of the best yet. The photos highlighted are excellent and don’t adhere to a particular style or color palette. The app curates some of the best images online. Twice every week, it releases a magazine with handpicked images.

A great thing you’ll love about Clarity is its wallpaper editor. Tap on the Edit button and you’ll see four tools: Mask, Frame, Gradient, and Blur.

The Mask tool lets you add a gentle filter to the top of the image to make it ready for the Lock Screen (in a way that the time is always legible). Frame lets you pick an image and puts it in a frame in the bottom two-thirds of the wallpaper. This looks great on the Lock Screen, without getting in the way of the time.

Meanwhile, the Gradient tool lets you pick a color and edit the gradient (this is a great way to create a soothing Home Screen wallpaper). And the Blur tool adds a subtle blur over any image.

Download: Clarity (Free, subscription available)

5. is the perfect feed-based wallpaper app for iPhones. Just open it and you’ll see the new wallpapers in an infinitely scrolling grid. Keep looking until something catches your eye. Then tap on an image, hit Save (or favorite it), and you’ll find it in the Photos app.

You can swipe in from the right edge to sort wallpapers by categories like Nature, Pattern, Abstract, and so on.

Download: (Free)

6. Everpix

Everpix makes use of the whole screen. When you open the app, you’ll see a new wallpaper every time. Swipe left to see the next wallpaper.

Find something you like? Tap on the Download button to save it or use the Star button to add it to your favorites. Open the hamburger menu to see categories, favorites, popular wallpapers, and more.

Download: Everpix (Free, subscription available)

7. Walli

Walli is an artist-based wallpaper community. Artists upload their original artwork and you can download it to use as a wallpaper for free. If you’re tired of the same wallpaper photos from Unsplash or Google Images, browse through some of the categories in Walli.

While it doesn’t have a huge collection, there are a lot of quality wallpapers here. You’ll find some amazing superhero pictures, lettering art, portraits, and travel photos.

Download: Walli (Free, in-app purchases available)

8. Atlas Wallpaper

Atlas Wallpaper is for the cartographer in you. Type in a city or give the app a location and it will create a cool, outline-based map. You can pinch and zoom or pan around. For a different look, try switching the color scheme as well. If you like what you see, save it as an image on your iPhone then set it as your wallpaper.

Atlas Wallpaper can be a great way to remember where you’ve come from, or where you’re going.

Download: Atlas Wallpaper (Free, premium version available)

9. Reddit

On Reddit, you can find communities dedicated to just about everything under the sun. Each community is called a subreddit and is marked by r/.

You can get interesting iPhone wallpapers from the r/iWallpaper and r/iPhoneWallpapers subreddit. The wallpapers shared by users are often someone’s favorite image or an original picture they took with their camera.

If you aren’t too picky with the wallpaper size, you can also check out r/MobileWallpaper for more choices.

Download: Reddit (Free, in-app purchases available)

10. Anime & Wallpapers

Anime & Wallpapers provides high-definition, detailed, anime wallpapers for your iPhone. There are wallpapers from popular anime series like Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, and Tokyo Ghoul. If you’re into anime-style multiplayer games like Genshin Impact, there are wallpapers of those characters as well.

In some designs, the spotlight is on one character, and you can see their intricately designed clothes and appearance. In others, it’s simply a beautiful snapshot of an anime background—who wouldn’t love a Studio-Ghibli-styled Lock Screen?

Download: Anime & Wallpapers (Free, premium version available)

Download the Best iPhone Wallpapers

Whether abstract, artsy, or anime, you’re sure to find a gorgeous wallpaper that suits your iPhone aesthetic. While you’re at it, you can also look into other ways to customize your iPhone home screen to personalize your device even more.

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