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The 12 Best Games for the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck has a gigantic catalog of games. Seriously, there are enough games to keep you busy for several lifetimes. So how do you know where to begin?

To help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of the best games on the Steam Deck. From adventures to platformers, these games are all critically acclaimed and sure to keep you entertained.

Every game on this list is stamped with Valve’s “verified” seal of approval. That means they all work perfectly on the Steam Deck with no tweaking required.

Originally a PS4 exclusive, this action adventure is an incredible feat of gaming. You take charge of Kratos, a former god of inconceivable strength, who needs to travel the Norse lands to scatter his wife’s ashes. Along the way, Kratos and his son encounter plenty of magical beings and creatures; some friends, some foes.

God of War is visceral, expansive, and holds nothing back. If you want to put the Steam Deck’s hardware to its tests and engross yourself in an epic story, this is a must-play.

Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler from Supergiant Games, the developer of excellent titles like Bastion and Pyre. If you’re a fan of those games, you need to pick up Hades—it’s a triumph of design, offering tight action, evolving storytelling, and a world packed with imaginative characters.

Hades is built for replayability, with constantly changing levels to explore as the Prince of the Underworld, which makes it a great choice if you’re traveling with the Steam Deck (easy since the console comes with a handy carry case—one of the many things to love about the Steam Deck).


Do you miss the hand drawn animations of old? Do you think games are too easy? Well, your prayers have been answered. Look no further than Cuphead, a run and gun action game that features a jazz soundtrack, watercolor backgrounds, and a focus on challenging boss fights.

With an audiovisual style that masterfully pops on the Steam Deck, Cuphead is well worth your time. Just be careful not to chuck the console at a wall in frustration when you die repeatedly.

Overcooked! 2 puts the phrase “too many cooks spoil the broth” to the ultimate test. In this charming, fast-paced game, you must don your apron and crank out dishes in a series of weird and wonderful kitchens.

You can play this game in local or online multiplayer on the Steam Deck, and it’s certainly better with pals. Just be wary, it might ruin some friendships.

Disco Elysium is an intricately crafted work of art; a role playing game where you shape the path of a detective solving a murder in a city on the brink of implosion. Search for clues, interrogate suspects, or solve the meaning of life. The path is yours to decide.

Disco Elysium will occupy your mind and time, which makes it perfect for the Steam Deck. You’ll want to play this one wherever you are. Go in knowing as little about it as possible and you’ll be rewarded.

With Earth overrun by machines, Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world game where you must explore, hunt, and uncover secrets. Led by Aloy, a young woman outcast from her tribe, come for the gorgeous visuals and stay for the engaging gameplay and story.

Originally a PS4 exclusive, you’ll be surprised at how well Horizon Zero Dawn runs on Steam’s nifty handheld.

Stardew Valley is the ultimate farming sim. There’s a reason why so many people have poured hundreds of hours into shaping their character’s farm into the best it can be.

Incredibly, Stardew Valley was developed by one person, but you wouldn’t know it for the amount of content. Pour a drink, light the fire, and settle down with this cozy game on the Steam Deck.

One of the worst things about moving house is unpacking. So, why is a game suitably titled Unpacking so much fun? This relaxing puzzler has a charming high-resolution pixel art style and invites you to pull your possessions out of boxes and fit them in your new home.

This is perfect to play on a rainy day on your Steam Deck; short enough to complete in an afternoon, leaving you feeling zen and content.

Elden Ring is a sprawling, epic fantasy action RPG. There are dungeons to explore, incredible creatures to conquer, and an epic story to discover.

Make no mistake, this open world game is tough. You will die. Repeatedly. But that’s part of the thrill, and the satisfaction of finally making it through a path is unrivaled.

Spiritfarer is a game about death. You’re the ferry master for the deceased, and you must build a boat and tend to the spirits as they make their journey to the afterlife.

But this isn’t a grim experience—it’s heartwarming and charming, packed full of fun animal characters, with a catchy soundtrack to boot. You’ll ponder life’s big questions, but have a great time doing it. Plus, the 2D art looks lovely on the Steam Deck.

If you seek chaos, Human: Fall Flat is the game for you. The aim is to reach the end of every level, from abandoned castles to ancient cities, but that’s easier said than done. You’re constantly fighting against the weird and hilarious physics, which cause your character to flail wildly and unpredictably.

While you’ll have a great time playing this solo on the Steam Deck, the real fun comes through the online multiplayer, which caters for up to eight players.

Aperture Desk Job is a free, half-hour game from Valve, built as a way to demonstrate the controls and features of the Steam Deck. It’s set in the Portal universe (also great games to play on your Deck), and sees you inspecting toilets. It’s as peculiar as it sounds, but it’s hilarious.

It’s not one you’ll keep coming back to, but it’s definitely worthwhile for a quick laugh, especially if you’re a Portal fan.

Check Which Games You Can Play on Your Deck

These are just some of the best games that you can play on the Steam Deck, but it’s certainly not an exhaustive list. Handily, Valve offers a Steam Deck compatibility checker, so you can see how a game runs before buying it. Just open the store on your handheld and browse the “Great on Deck” section.

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How to Check Which Games Are Playable on Your Steam Deck

Before you buy a Steam Deck, here’s how you can see which of your Steam games will run flawlessly on the handheld system.

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