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The 5 Best Trello Power-Ups Every Student Should Use

Are you getting the most out of Trello? With the right Power-Ups, you could take your school organization beyond project planning. You could coordinate group projects, manage your student schedule, and even get more spare time.

You just need to know which ones to get. Check out these options!

Calendar Power-Up showing a school schedule

The Calendar Power-Up is essential for using Trello as a planner. It takes all the cards with due dates and displays them on a calendar. You can also open and edit cards from this view.

Try adding your exam dates and assignment deadlines. When you can see all your assignments lined up, it’s much easier to set efficient priorities.

Card Repeater Power-Up showing a daily repeat

You can use this Power-Up to stay on top of daily activities. For instance, class reading, self-care, and housework. This saves valuable time by automating card creation. When you add a Repeat, it creates a copy of that card in a specified list at regular intervals.

It’s best to use Repeats on cards that don’t need to appear on your calendar. This is because if the card has a due date, the due date won’t update when the card repeats. To cause repeats with dynamic dates, use a Rule instead.


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First, create a new Label with no color, and call it “Repeating.” Then, open the Automation menu and select Rules. Then add a new rule. Set Trigger: “When the due date is marked complete on a card with the “Repeating” label.”

Next, set two Actions. The first is to “Move the card to the top of the list [LIST NAME].” The second Action is to “Set the due date to [TIME].” Select an appropriate time interval, such as “the next Monday.”

TeamGantt Power-Up showing the relation between different parts of a group project

Because student projects often face tight deadlines, we recommend streamlining them with a Gantt chart. With TeamGantt, you can set one up for your next group assignment. This lets all group members easily track timelines, due dates, and progress.

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Start by making a board for your project and adding each person’s part as a card. Then get the Power-Up. You will need a free TeamGantt account to add it. Use Automatic Setup to add your project board, then send invite links to your classmates.

TeamGantt will show a summary of the project in the card view. You can navigate to the full TeamGantt project page with one click. TeamGantt will let you manage timelines, dependencies, and more. For even more options, upgrade to a premium plan.

Activity Power-Up adds a timer to your cards.

The Activity Power-Up adds a stopwatch to your cards. This helps you apply great productivity techniques within your Trello board. For instance, you can use it for time blocking or the Pomodoro technique.

To assess how you’re spending time, use the Export option to create a Microsoft Excel report of all timers. This lets you see where your time is going. Armed with this info, you can crack down on slow areas. Having an accurate idea of how long things take also helps you meet your deadlines.

File Manager showing various files and links on a student board.

This Power-Up helps you keep track of all the documents and websites you use as a student. With it, you can keep everything in one place. It also organizes all your attachments into a list.

You can sort the list by various filters, such as the list it’s in or the type of file. You can also open or delete attachments. Finding your documents quickly can also save you time.

File Manager is a premium Power-Up on a subscription plan, but you can try it out for a seven-day free trial if you’re not sure. If your trial runs out, the Power-Up will stop working, but you won’t be charged.

Automate Your School Planner

With the right Power-Ups, Trello can make your student life much easier. After all, when you don’t have to manage all your tasks manually, you free up time for other activities.

Plus, Power-Ups are only the beginning of automation. You can also create buttons and custom rules to speed things up even more. Explore all the options and optimize your student life.

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