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The Really Useful Podcast Review of the Year 2022

Our tech podcast for technophobes looks back at the highs and lows of the tech and gaming worlds in 2022.

This week, Christian Cawley, Gavin Phillips, and Ben Stegner discuss the high points in tech of 2022, the low points, the best new devices they’ve tried, and the best video games of 2022.

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Here’s everything we discuss in this week’s 2022 special:

High points of 2022

  • Meta crash and burn
  • Elon Musk buying Twitter
  • Right to Repair growth

Low points of 2022

Best devices of 2022

Best games of 2022

Christian Cawley, Gavin Phillips, and Ben Stegner host this podcast. You can contact them on Twitter: @thegadgetmonkey, @gavinspavin, and @stegnersaurus, with your suggestions for future topics.

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